NationSync 416 was founded in 2000 to foster collaboration among nonprofits. Originally named Collaborative Consulting Group, Pink Links Business Development Center, then the Christian Association for Social Enterprises, and finally NationSync.

  • 2000

    Our Foundation

    Our organization was founded to foster collaboration among nonprofits and provide nonprofit development services. The organization targeted organizations in South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas.  Most of our initial program participants were women with grassroots nonprofits or businesses.

  • 2012

    Focusing on Women

    In 2012, the organization was renamed Pink Links Business Development Center to meet the growing needs of women entrepreneurs in Greater Houston, Texas.  Entrepreneurs attended business development classes and were referred to the Small Business Association’s SCORE for mentors and business plan development.  Ninety percent of the entrepreneurs were simultaneously developing nonprofit organizations or businesses with a social mission.  By 2015, are male participation increased by nearly 40 percent.

  • 2016

    Christian-focused Training

    The organization re-branded itself as the Christian Association of Social Enterprises to provide nonprofit education and consulting services to organizations targeting low-income communities in Greater Houston, Texas.  The organization applied and received its tax-exempt status from the internal revenue service in November of this year.

  • 2017

    Community Focused

    In the past 17 years, every organization that benefited from our services has a strong desire to help the community but often operated in silos.  This year, we are continuing to provide quality education, training, and consulting services and adding the elements of community, economic, and social development.  With the help of communication experts we are finalizing our brand to focus on the synchronization of social services in the low-income communities. The organization has begun the process to change its name to NationSync.

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