Regardless of your organization’s size or focus, our team of coaches are seasoned professionals who customize each project to help you meet your goals.

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Services Customized to Meet Your Needs

Consulting services are built and priced based on exactly the support you need.  We have established a pricing structure for every size organization.  To receive member rates, join today.

Board Development

You’ve got a strategic plan, but do you have a plan to get the board involved in making it happen? Our experts have helped hundreds of organizations improve governance by starting with the number one issue: engaging the board to fulfill its governance responsibilities.  Our consulting and coaching team covers the full range of governance areas and engagement strategies.

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Business Plan Development

Thinking about an earned-income venture? Business plans and feasibility studies are effective methods to determine if you have a market, whether you can really make money, and what kind of investment is needed to be successful. Our consultants can provide the research and financial projections to test your idea, and complete a business plan to provide the roadmap for implementation and investment.

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Donor and Prospect Research

To help you plan for sustainability we will develop a comprehensive forecast of funding opportunities specific to your organization.  To create this list, we will review charitable giving histories, wealth markers, and philanthropic motivations of potential donors.

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Fundraising Plans and Capital Campaign Development

Whether your ambition is to deepen local impact, scale your operation, launch a major project, or craft sustainable revenue strategies, our consultants will bring unrivaled experience in assisting you to develop customized revenue strategies and capital campaigns.  Fundraising and resource development is changing, which means nonprofit development leaders need to change as well. To establish a more strategic, market-driven approach, we provide ways to: Build systems to set viable goals and measure results; Optimize the budgeting process; Design solid plans for gaining new and diversified revenue sources.

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Grant Writing

Through grant writing & development we can provide you with comprehensive support over the entire grant writing process including forecasting, program model design, strategic partnership meeting facilitation, proposal development, budget planning, and completion of federal forms. We embrace the team approach and will work collaboratively with you to develop a program model that meets the strategic needs of your organization and aligns with funder priorities.

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Grant Writing – We Write You Learn

This is a comprehensive hands-on training program to give nonprofits the tools they need to succeed in grant writing.  Through this “We Write, You Learn” process nonprofits will have a better understanding of: 1) The grant writing process; 2) How to hire a grant consultant; 3) How to submit grants to small foundation; 4) How to locate grant opportunities; and, 5) How to write a grant.

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Grants Management & Evaluation

We provide a range of services to help you effectively manage grant programs, ensuring the highest standards of accountability. Our priority, when your grant is funded, is to support you in implementing a quality program that produces results. As your ongoing partner, we take on the frustrating details of grants management to help you keep your program on track. This service includes: providing ongoing technical assistance; assisting with budget management; hosting informative webinars and networking events, collaborative meeting facilitation, preparing for monitoring calls and site visits, and assisting with sustainability planning.

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Program Development

Before you can have an impact on the community you must have a quality program.  Our program development specialist will assist you in establishing clarity.  We emphasize establishing programs using evidence-based designs and promising practices.  We also assist in streamlining your services so that you are more effective.

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Strategic Planning

Planning starts with research into your industry, your stakeholders (including staff), and your operational environment. Our coaches make it easy to account for those factors by leading you in reviewing trends and data, conducting interviews and focus groups, evaluating market gaps and future needs, and synthesizing the findings to provide a complete understanding of where your organization is headed and which activities will drive results. Our consultants are experts in several different methodologies, and can help organizations determine the process that works best for them. Approaches include Results-Based Planning, the Balanced Scorecard, and Conventional Strategic Planning with Mission, Vision and Goals.

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Strategy for Impact

Knowing where your organization is headed, and what activities will drive results, starts with gathering insight into your industry, your stakeholders (including staff), and your operational environment. Our coaches will use the evidence-based collective impact approach to assist you to account for those factors, eliciting input and incorporating perspectives into a strategy that defines vision, mission, competitive advantages, and strategic priorities. Our development services may include assistance with building leadership and collaborative teams, managing performance, designing your theory of change and establishing strategic clarity.

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  • Partnering with NationSync has allowed us to increase our impact in the Rio Grande Valley Community.  Through various partnerships we are now saving 800 additional students.

    Sylvan Learning Center Susan Valverde
  • Working with the NationSync team has helped our nonprofit tremendously.  By strengthening our board, developing our strategic plan and attending workshops to better understand the funding process we were able to get $30,000 in grant funding.

    Kind Girls Mentoring, Inc. Pauletha White
  • As a social enterprise business its extremely difficult to find the support you need.  By partnering with NationSync we have attended classes and networked with valuable partners.  I am so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

    Tutor Doctor Michelle Frias


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